In this DiscRep: The final days of a free-ish Hong Kong?; how the Supreme Court let conservatives down; COVID-19 cases soar in the U.S.; and more.
In this DiscRep: the importance of ideological diversity; a wonderful Carl Reiner anecdote; a second wave of coronavirus layoffs; police clear CHOP zo…
In this DiscRep: Black Lives Matter, cancel culture, gun-wielding Missourians, and more SCOTUS horror for conservatives
In this DiscRep: COVID grifters, Israel's annexation plan, Biden's polling lead, Liverpool's triumph, and more.
In this DiscRep: the coronavirus refuses to go away; American iconoclasm; police misbehavior; and the power of Bolton's book
In this DiscRep: coronavirus; police reform; Bolton's book; TikTok users sabotaging a Trump rally—you know, the usual.
In this DiscRep: SCOTUS's massive week; John Bolton gets sued; police reform; Celebrating Juneteenth
In this DiscRep: a new landmark Supreme Court ruling; Aunt Jemima's self-cancellation; John Bolton gets sued by his country; and more.
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