Welcome to DiscRep

Your guide to what's happening in the public discourse

Welcome to DiscRep.

The public discourse—which we understand as the sum total of articles put out by publications, shows aired by news networks, episodes released by podcasters, and discussions had on social media—is, in the words of William James, a blooming, buzzing confusion. We’re here to help.

Who are we? We’re Berny Belvedere, Will Truman, and Avi Woolf. All three of us are editors in chief of publications covering politics, culture, and more. More importantly, all three of us are voracious consumers of, and very active participants in, the public discourse.

Which makes us perfect for this project.

So, without further ado, here’s what we’re up to with DiscRep.

DiscRep, short for Discourse Report, will be an ongoing rundown of what’s happening in the public discourse. Our job will be to scan the media—including social media—for content that is worth sharing with you. But our job won’t be merely, or even primarily, curational. We definitely want to point you to good stuff. But the centerpiece of each report will be our engagement with the articles making the rounds in the discourse. We want to feature prominent items from the world of news and opinion, mostly articles from other sites, and convey their main argument. All of us currently exist under a content deluge that washes over us every day. DiscRep wants to help you not drown.

We’ll profile articles, news clips, podcasts, and tweet-threads. The goal will be to regularly present you with a glimpse of the interesting parts of the discourse.

To start, we’ll send out DiscRep once a week. But we’ve got plans to ramp up production in the near future. The ideal form of DiscRep would be a daily offering. We are … not there yet.

DiscRep is part of the Arc Digital Media family. That doesn’t mean DiscRep is an extension of Arc. But it does mean that the same overarching journalistic values will characterize DiscRep—mainly, Arc’s commitment to intelligent commentary, idea pluralism, and omnidirectional scope.

We have one ask: Follow us on Twitter @RepDisc.

Okay, two asks: Send this page to someone (or many someones) you think would enjoy a semi-regular report on what’s been sizzling in the discourse.

Our first edition drops next week.